Forms & Clubhouse Fees

Clubhouse Fees
  • Membership Fee – $125.00 –  Annual Membership is based on the calendar year. January – December
  • Summer Clubhouse (Must be a Current Member) One month session – $200.00
  • (Weekly Sessions are not an option during our COVID19 operations) 
  • Day Camp – $25.00
  • Spring Break Camp – $125.00 

COVID-19-Clubhouse Mitigation Plan

The following is the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula Clubhouse Program:

1. Anyone exhibiting the following symptoms MAY NOT enter the premises while there are ongoing Clubhouse activities. If a youth, parent, or guardian is exhibiting these symptoms the youth may not participate in the programming until 10 days have passed from the initial onset of symptoms and the individual has been symptom free for 24 hours, or the individual has a negative COVID test and has been symptom free for 24 hours.
a. Cough
b. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
c. Fever
d. Chills
e. Muscle Pain
f. Sore throat
g. New loss of taste or smell
h. Any additional symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as updated by the State of Alaska and the CDC.

2. No more than 30 individuals will be included in the athletic programming at a time. This includes Athletes, and Coaches.

3. Social distancing of at least ten feet between non-household individuals will be required where possible

4. All spectators will be asked to wear masks and maintain distancing of at least 6-
10ft between households. Masks will be provided for anyone who needs one.

5. Players will not be required to wear masks while playing.

6. Youth under the age of 10 will require one parent or guardian with them for the duration of the athletic activity.

7. Balls and athletic equipment will be sanitized and cleaned in accordance to CDC recommendations for athletic activities.

8. Hand sanitizer or hand washing will be required of participants at the start of the
athletic activity.

9. Each participant and employee will be health screened prior to the start of athletic activities.

10.Players will be required to arrive dressed and ready for the activity.

11.Players will also be asked to bring their own water bottles

12.Social distancing will be emphasized between youth. Where possible, youth will
not be allowed to physically engage with each other unless they are from the same household.

13.Employees will receive training and written information regarding CDC and State of Alaska requirements to have for review and continued mitigation of the spread of COVID19.

14.Individuals who are not following the mitigation plan, or who meet criteria that would cause concern for the spread of COVID19 will be required to leave the premises.