Workforce Readiness

Building tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and problem solvers

Workforce Readiness

The future is uncertain for millions of kids, even more so with education and support systems disrupted by this pandemic. Youth need Boys & Girls Clubs now more than ever to build the essential skills they will need to succeed in a competitive workforce. With a safe space, positive mentors, and greater opportunities, today’s youth will exceed beyond the circumstances that surround them and meet the challenges their future will face.

This program builds workforce skills and supports youth in meaningful ways to reach gainful employment.

Employability Skills
and Certifications

Youth build skills like interviewing, resume-writing, financial literacy and technical skills for employment. You can also work on certifications in specific areas that will help youth land their first job.

Career Exposure

Targeted programming for youth helps to provide discovery opportunities for you to to gain exposure to both traditional and non-traditional career fields.

Work-based Learning

Opportunities for youth to apply skills in real-life, hands-on work experiences.